OT- New Rain Barrel Set Up
June 24, 2009, 12:20 pm
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PIC-0050Above is a pic of one of my rain barrels that I installed over this past weekend. This is a bit off topic, but I think that it has something to interest folks that are interested in bikes.

Contrary to what my neighbor said, I did not install the barrels to be an “eco” dude. In reality, I wanted to start to control the drainage around my house, with the barrels, I can collect the water from either of the gutters from the back side of my house, and use it for whatever.

First, I pre ordered the food grade 55 gallon barrels from Lake County. When they came in, I borrowed a truck and then brought them home.

As for installation, I bought 6 cheap cinder blocks to act as the bases. (The barrels have spigots at the bottom and then need to be raised a bit to allow the water to flow.)

I needed to attach the barrels to the downspout, so I repurposed some accordianesque drain tubes that I had in the garage. I borrowed a Sawzall (from the neighbor that mocks my econess) and made some clean cuts in the downspouts about a foot above the tops of the elevated barrels.

I fashioned the drain tubes so that they will allow the water to flow from the gutter to the down spout, through the tube and into the screen covered top of the barrel.

I did some rummaging this morning and found an old Toro hose reel from the 70s that I will use to drain the barrel. It should work perfectly to irrigate an area of the yard that I recently seeded with shade grass seed.

Now, I just have to wait for some rain.


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