Ride Prep
June 26, 2009, 6:01 pm
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loaded raleigh 20

loaded raleigh 20

Glancing at the handout, that I received from Metra, the local commuter rail line, there are no bikes allowed on trains… Since the Taste of Chicago is happening, there are no bikes or liquor allowed on the trains this weekend.

So my decision has been made for me. I will be taking a folding bike to the city. I just checked, my old Raleigh 20 fits in my Dahon Bolsa bag. Since I can bag my bike, I will be able to bring it on the train as a carry on.

That said, I did a little maintenance before taking tis bike to the city. As usual, I took the bike for a spin around the neighborhood, which includes a couple of hills – to test the brakes and gears, and a few sweeping turns.

The rear hub was not finding 3rd gear for some reason. So based on my learning courtesy of Sheldon Brown, I played with the tension on the index chain going into the hub.  After some fiddling, I was able to get complete slack in 3rd, and was able to fnd the other 2 gears as well. After that I put a drop of oil down the creaky brake and shifter cables. I also put a drop of oil in the front hub, and closed the protective cover. I also, put a little white lithium grease on the seat post as well as the stem. I then pumped up the Schwalbes to 70 PSI and put some Ice Wax on the chain. I also added a little halogen battery light to the bars. The bars are pretty small in diameter so I had to use a few layers of old inner tubes to shim the light to the bars. I should be good to go.


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