Lunch at Ft. Sheridan Beach
July 9, 2009, 6:16 pm
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one way at ft sheridan beach

one way at ft sheridan beach

I was feeling the need to get outside for lunch today. The sun is blaring, the wind is off the lake and it is 74 degrees.

I loaded up the trunk bag and put it on the One Way. In the bag, I carried the Jeff Jarvis book What Would Google Do?, some fresh cherries, a green apple, a slice of homemade nan pizza and some water.

The bike ride down to the Ft. Sheridan Beach was a dream. The little rolling hills seem to be the perfect match for the gearing on the One Way. Pedaling through the turns while leaning in was quite delightful.

After eating my little picnic, and finishing the book, I headed back to the office for a call.

The ride was so nice, I even got on the drops… something that I have not done in 3 years. 18-20 mph feels great on the rig!


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great pic of the one way at the beach!

Comment by angie

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