New Bars For the Root Beer Bike
July 14, 2009, 4:32 pm
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north roads bars root beer bike clean look
north roads bars root beer bike clean look

Today I decided that I would exchange my old cruiser bars (that came with the Root Beer bike) with some standard North Roads bars and matching stem. This would have been the original equipment, and I think that they look better.

That was the plan, and as usual, I got to learn something along the way.

First of all, I needed to remove my leather hand grips. I read somewhere a while back that a slim butter knife is perfect for this chore. The grips were a bear to put on the cruiser bars three years ago, but some pushes with the butter knife and some elbow grease got them free after a bit. I also undid the lock nut so that I could remove the ugly front reflector.

I then figured that simply loosening the brake levers and three speed trigger should be enough to slide them off the cruiser bars. I was right.

Then I undid the allen bolt attaching the stem to the steerer. I loosened the bolt all the way. and with a little tap from a spare 2×4, the stem and cruiser bars came off as a single unit. So what about the expander, that should be at the bottom of the stem? Not on the bolt, so it was still in the head tube. I put the bolt back in the head tube, and turned it until I found the expander and then fished it out.

Putting the North Roads bar on was pretty straight forward, drop them in and tighten the Whitworth bolt. (I could not find a metric nor English wrench (spanner?) in the tool box to fit.) I used some channel locks.

I then reassembled the brake levers and 3 speed trigger. The leather grips slid right on. I took to for a test ride for a couple of miles on an errand to the pharmacy and nothing fell off or broke. I think we are good.


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