Single Speed- Definitely A State of Mind
July 22, 2009, 2:57 pm
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Single speed biking is something that I have not attempted until I purchased the Raleigh One Way earlier this spring. I have ridden it a bit, but due to it being shiny and thief-tempting, it has not had as much use as my various other Raleighs. I am not talking about fixed, not sure that my legs are ready for that, but fixed is merely a flip of the hub away…

Today, I took it for a 12 mile spin, that includes a fair amount of twisties, and some up and downs as well as some nice rolling rural style roads.

Obviously a single speed bicycle is inherently simple, and there is a strong positive in that in and of itself. There is so little to go out of adjustment (or fail).

I found myself getting into the groove much more than I do on the Root Beer Bike for example. I think that one of the reasons is that there are not any deraileurs, shifters or any of that related gear. I kept my hands on the bars, only changing positions for comfort sake.

I found myself just getting into the groove of the road and ride much more than I typically do on one of the three speeds or one of the folders. There is a zen effect in play here, as you get up to cruising speed (15 MPH?) and just flow with the road.

While I typically dismiss much of the brou ha ha regarding fixed gear as more of a fashion statement than anything else, I can see that crusing on a simple machine really is more liberating than attempting to do the same on a road bike with its’ attendant complexity and related noises.


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