Critical Mass
August 31, 2009, 12:45 pm
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PIC-0119I put the Root Beer Bike on the train on Friday for the big ride. I took the train to Rogers Park to meet my friend Chef for some riding-based good times. It was drizzling up here, but I was confident that the moisture would leave in time for the ride.

We left his place around 4:30 to head south on the Lakefront path on our way to Delay Plaza. Along the path we made good time averaging 12 MPH. We noticed a few obvious CM riders so we weren’t surprised when we saw them later.

At first the ride drifted North, but then started heading south. I was not too excited to end up at 31st St Beach, but we headed south past Greektown on Halsted anyway.

When we got to 20th St or so, Chef and I decided to go towards the Lake instead of away from it, so we broke away from the ride, which must have been 2000 riders.

Next we went up Wabash and into Grant Park. As the sun was setting, we made it to Buckingham fountain, where I snapped the shot above. It was a great night for a nice long ride.


Saw 2 foxes today…
August 13, 2009, 5:52 pm
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PIC-0100On my way to the Secret Beach for a quick bike, hike and lunch, I saw two good sized foxes.

They were pretty tame, and as I slowed down, only one ran away, immediately. The second one moved behind a small evergreen tree and looked around the edge as I fumbled for my phone cam.

I had a feeling that he would follow in the same direction as his friend. So, I stopped and set the camera to shoot and turned around as I stopped the Root Beer bike. As predicted, the second fox ran out from his hiding place and crossed the road.

I was able to snap the above photo.


The second photo is a view looking north from a small break water where I sat to eat my sandwich, chips and apple. The past two weeks have had a few of these perfect in all way weather wise days here on the North Shore.

Full Moon Ride with FBC Chicago
August 8, 2009, 9:11 pm
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I took the Metra on Thursday afternoon into the city to do some riding and to hand out with friends, I brought along the Root Beer Bike for my transportation.

First off, I have to say that I love my folding bikes, but having a full size Raleigh is really the way to travel in the city.

So I got the Metra and had an involved conversation with another bike rider regarding globalization, so that made the train ride go by quickly.  I got off the train in Rogers Park and met up with my friend Quisp as he agreed to take a mid day ride with me. The weather was perfect in the mid ’70s and plenty of sun.

Taking the lake Front Path with a nice 12mph pace was perfect for the conditions. When I got to the Diversey tunnel, Chef and I parted ways and I motivated towards The Duke of Perth to meet with DB and his family for some drinks in the beer garden.

The choice of beers was tops as was the company and we spent a few hours catching up and munching on some great, but probably unhealthy food. I have to say their fish and chips served with peas was the best that I have had in a long time. good thing I did a lot of pedaling to mitigate some of the calories…

After that, DB and I walked up to the Gingerman. We had a couple of beers here while the FBC started filing in for the monthly Full Moon Ride. At 9, I parted way with DB and I introed myself to a few of the FBC riders.

We took off on the ride around 9:20 or so. Ironic enough, we started taking the Lake Front Path north, effectively retracing my ride from earlier in the afternoon. The ride was fun and pretty uneventful, but to my surprise, we ended up at Duke’s Hideaway in Rogers Park.

Neil, the proprietor was very welcoming, but I did hesitate when he suggested that we (all 30 riders) put our bikes in the back behind the bar. (I am no city phobe, but there is no way I was going to lock up my bike to itself in the late night shadows of Morse Ave.) Then Neil said that he had a garage. This was actually an old brick barn that had a double garage door with an auto opener. So we put our bikes in there and Neil said that he wold come out and open up any time that we wanted to leave=COOL!

The bar itself was a small friendly place with an open mic and some acoustic blues being played. One of the FBC riders brought their husky Presley and it was great to meet him as well. I enjoyed the vibe and will be back!

This was FBC #8 and I am already looking forward to FBC #9.

Took The Root Beer Bike out on Some Trails Late Yesterday
August 5, 2009, 5:13 pm
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PIC-0090PIC-0091I took both of these shots while moving through the paths around the Savannah. As I started out the weather was fairly oppressive, heat a humidity-wise, but after an hour, the wes wind came in and blew the humidity out to the Lake, I guess. The 3 speeding was awesome. Not enough days like this around here.

Tijuana Bicyclists Ride To Make Streets Safe
August 5, 2009, 10:59 am
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This post from NPR had to be reposted. Cyclists take a weekly 14 mile ride and battle to build cycling culture. i have not been  to TJ for quite a while, but cannot fathom cycling there based on my personal experiences… Very cool.

Took the 3 speeds out to Ft. Sheridan Beach today
August 4, 2009, 1:00 am
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For whatever reason, I have not been riding as much lately, mainly a bunch of short hops for errands and such.

I took the afternoon ride with Angie to the Ft. Sheridan Beach today. It was about 82 and when the chores were done, finally, we decided to head to the beach.

I filled up the air in the Root Beer Bike, and also Angie’s ’67 Raleigh Sports Green Machine. The weather was quite perfect albeit a bit windy. Still the sun shone and provided some great scenery by way of shining and reflecting off of Lake Michigan. The old  Raleighs are perfect for this sort of ride, allowing a smooth ride over some rolling hills and ravine inclines as well.

We headed down the path with some cold water and some bananas, which turned to be the perfect antidote to the uphills as well as the muscle soreness from yesterday’s deck refinishing project. When we got to Ft. Sheridan Beach after a 15 minute ride or so, we were greeted by great breezes, and some dogs that were enoying a serious game of fetch in the water.

After eating our snack, we headed back to the house to give the dog a bath. A great summer day.