Critical Mass
August 31, 2009, 12:45 pm
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PIC-0119I put the Root Beer Bike on the train on Friday for the big ride. I took the train to Rogers Park to meet my friend Chef for some riding-based good times. It was drizzling up here, but I was confident that the moisture would leave in time for the ride.

We left his place around 4:30 to head south on the Lakefront path on our way to Delay Plaza. Along the path we made good time averaging 12 MPH. We noticed a few obvious CM riders so we weren’t surprised when we saw them later.

At first the ride drifted North, but then started heading south. I was not too excited to end up at 31st St Beach, but we headed south past Greektown on Halsted anyway.

When we got to 20th St or so, Chef and I decided to go towards the Lake instead of away from it, so we broke away from the ride, which must have been 2000 riders.

Next we went up Wabash and into Grant Park. As the sun was setting, we made it to Buckingham fountain, where I snapped the shot above. It was a great night for a nice long ride.


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Great picture! A lot of people are shocked when I tell them that summer critical mass rides in Chicago attract thousands of riders, but as you noted, it’s totally true.

Comment by dottie

thanks for the props on the photo, Dottie, I have pretty much given up on bringing a “real” camera with me, as it seems that the cheesy cam built into my smart phone turns out ok shots.

Comment by cratedigger66

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