Raleigh 20 Update
September 7, 2009, 5:43 pm
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I got my Raleigh 20 about a year ago. As I have blogged elsewhere, some genius decided to paint it with green latex paint and a very sloppy brush technique. The bike came with a very nice Pletcher mini rack that was also painted the hideous color. When I initially got the bike, I used some black shiny spray paint that I had around just to do a down and dirty quick improvement.

While it looked better, that is not really saying much. I was going through some stuff in my workshop and I came across some 3M stripping supplies that I had left over from a refinishing project from many years ago.

I figured that the 3M stripper should be able to take off both the black and the green paint.

As for prep, I removed the rack from the bike, and placed in a large corrogated box that I had in the garage. I then grabbed any old paint brush that was on its last legs. I put some of the paste like stripper into an old swiffer container and used that as a palette and brushed it onto the rack.

I let it set overnight and then used some old bluettes gloves and a 3M scrubber pad and removed almost all of the paint. There was a layer of flourescent red paint under the green!

I then brushed on another coat of the stripper and let it set overnight outside again. I again used the pad and removed 98% of the paint. I then used a hose and a sprayer attachment to remove the rest. After that, I cut a piece of old tee shirt and wiped off the rack. It turned out pretty spotless. I then reinstalled the rack on the bike.


After I took the above pic, I decided to see if I could remove some of the remaining paint off the frame with the tee shirt. It seemed to work, but this will be a winter project to get all of the paint off.


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