Raleigh 20 Brake Service
September 15, 2009, 3:57 pm
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PIC-0128Due to both the vintage technology as well as the fact that Raleigh 20s have chrome rims, they are known for having crappy stopping prowess.

The long reach brake calipers and the brake pads themselves have seen better days as noted by the above picture.

I have heard that the orange Kool Stop pads are the stuff to make a Raleigh stop much better. I don’t have any laying around, but I do have some used Weinman pads that are in better shape than the Shimanos currently on the 20.

First, I took some sandpaper and roughed up the business side of the Weinman pads. I then took a 10mm socket and removed the existing pads. I replaced the pads with the Weinmans. while paying attention to where the “new” pads would contact the rims.  When they seemed suitably lined up, I torqued the nuts down with the socket.

My brake cables are pretty squeaky, too, so I added a couple of drops of SAE30 oil at the lever and the caliper end of the cables.

After working the cables a bit, I took it on a quick spin. While the braking is still pretty poor, both the braking feel as well as the actual braking is much improved.


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