Removing and Replacing Pedals
September 28, 2009, 8:01 pm
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I have not written at length about a ride last month, but I went on the FBC Full Moon Bike Ride on the One Way that I got earlier this year on an employer’s fitness allowance dime.

While I enjoy the bike, I have not put enough mile on it to feel that I have fully dialed it in. This was pretty obvious in how I have tolerated the stock pedals and toe clips.

I have done my share of toe clip riding, but definitely this has not taken part in this decade. When I started doing more roadbiking, I went for the clipless SPD pedal route with some Performance shoes and $20 pedals. Why I didn’t swap the pedals the day I got my One Way home, I will never know.

Alas, as I was cranking on the FBC ride, I snapped one of the bolts affixing the clip to my right pedal. Since I didn’t have the requisite extra nut and bolt combination, I took it off and finished my ride with a single clip-lame.

Over the weekend, I got out the lady’s road bike and set it up for a ride. I also decided to finally make the clipless upgrade to the single speed One Way. The left pedal gave me no grief whatsoever. The right pedal was a different animal. I tried everything with my 15mm pedal wrench to remove the little bugger, but I could not seem to get purchase on it. I was turning red and scaring my dog with my outbursts. Finally, I grabbed an old 15 mm wrench, that was just a bit longer from the toolbox. That did the trick!

Note to self, get a pipe, to use as a cheater bar!

The bike with its’ new set of repurposed clipless pedals is an absolute dream. The clipless thing really helps the single speed zeitgeist continue to work into my soul. I feel that I am getting much more of my pedal stroke to the ground. That is a great thing coupled with the simplicity of a single speed on an early spring day.


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