Garage Saling in the Rain!
October 9, 2009, 4:23 pm
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wet root beer bike

wet root beer bike

Today, being Friday, is the day here for local garage sales. I am always looking for three main items- vintage audio (records and gear), Raleigh bikes and tools. I have gotten some great things over the years, so let’s just say I am hooked.

Today it is 47F and we will have constant steady rain. This will not keep me and the Root Beer Bike inside.

To prepare myself, I donned the following gear: North Face long sleeve t shirt, wool sweater, and a gore tex Lands End Rain coat. Also I grabbed some North Face hiking pants and my Sierra Designs light weight rain pants. For shoes I put on my old Merrill gore tex hiking shoes and I put a fleece Patagonia hat under my hood.

I also brought a couple of plastic bags. I ended up going to three sales, two of which had boxes of LPs! I came away with 9 LPs- including Traffic, Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, and The Parthenon LP (The Greek restaurant on Halstead in Chi had a late 60s LP if you can believe it. I have only seen this record once in the wild before!)

Later, I will be heading off to the library, after my rain gear dries. I managed to stay perfectly dry. I have to say I feel that I earned my Granny Smith apple and warm black tea!


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Cylcing around town to garage sales once you have a bike is also pretty cool.

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