Why I Love Fall in Chicago
October 20, 2009, 1:18 pm
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I decided to take a bike trip to see a friend that recently moved into a beach side coach house. Below are some shots from my adventure. The fall temps 65, sun, breeze and the leaves in full force make it a perfect time for an extended bike adventure on a Monday night.

Here is a pic shot while I was heading south on the North Shore Path towards Highland Park. I had to go through Highwood, Downtown HP and then I headed east on Roger Williams when I got to Ravinia.

South on path 10.19.09

South on path 10.19.09

Here is Eric’s place, those vines on the right hide the woodpeckers’ hideout. Apparently they have moved in as well.


The surprise- Eric has access to a private beach that I will refer to as Haunted Beach. My phone cam does not work in the dark but suffice to say, going down these “stairs” to the beach had a definite Blair Witch quality as the sun set over the ravine.

path to haunted beach

path to haunted beach

A bit further down the path there was even a bridge. Returning at 9 PM without a flashlight required some memory as to the bridge location. You would not want to fall into this chasm.

haunted beach bridge

haunted beach bridge

And once we had a quick sandwich and some chips, we built a fire in the convenient fireplace. This fireplace was maybe 20 feet from the Lake Michigan shore. Hearing the water hit the sand, while the fire crackled was awesome. It was one of those nights where you think life is good.


The return bike ride roughly 8 miles was fun too. Not too many nights left where we will be able to do this!


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Looks awesome!

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