Changing a Raleigh Sports Tyre
November 26, 2009, 7:06 pm
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When I went to the garage to get a tool, I noticed that the front tyre of the Root Beer Bike was totally flat. The bike’s weak point is its’ no name tires and tubes. When money s more available, I plan to upgrade to some of those creme colored Schwalbes.

That said, I grabbed the box wrench from my mobile tool kit and pulled the wheel and brought into my workshop.

After I pulled the tyre off, I noticed that there was no rim tape. (I must have changed this tyre when I first got the Sports 6 years ago. I have added rim tape to all my bikes as the tubes have failed.)

adding velox rim tape

So after pulling the tyre, checking for road debris inside and outside the tyre, I found a new roll of Velox rim tape in the parts bin and installed as in the above pic. I have used Velox old school cotton tape exclusively, and after installation, I have had zero issues with spoke nipple punctures.

getting new tube into tyre

Next, I pumped the new tube so that is was roughly round and I stuck it into the tyre.

setting tyre bead into rim

After that, I put the schrader valve through the hole in the rim and the hole in the rim tape. Then working away from the valve, I set the tyre bead into the rim.

kool stop tyre bead lever

For the last bit, I used my Kool Stop tool that I got 5 years ago. It makes it easier to get the final couple of inches of bead into the rim. It acts like a lever by having one side of the tool on the rim and the lever side of the tool grabs the unset tyre bead. The tool works like a champ and is always in my tool kit.

crank bros. mini pump inflating tube

Then I inflated the tyre maybe half way to fully set the bead and to ensure that all was seated correctly. I cheat a bit as well, if the tyre is not totally inflated, I can install the wheel without messing with the brake assembly.

floor pump to complete inflation

Here is the partially inflated tyre in the forks getting pumped to 70PSI.

box spanner (wrench) to tighten hub nuts

Finally some quick wrenching to torque down the hub bolts. I took the Root Beer Bike up the street and nothing fell off, so the project is complete.


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