The Best Tool That I Bought This Year
December 11, 2009, 3:42 pm
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velo orange bike work stand

I do a fair amount of my own wrenching on my bikes. One of the main issues that complicates matters for me is my lack of a bike stand. Since the project is never properly secured, it seems that I am doing more work, just trying to keep the bike from becoming unbalanced and flopping on the ground.

I came across the Velo Orange Two-legged Stand. From the pic and description, it sounded like this tool would meet my requirements perfectly. I plunked down the debit card, and I got a package yesterday.

This little implement works very nicely- you just loop the hook over the down tube and then cradle the rest of the device under the bottom bracket shell. Very simple and effective. I had a spare block for front wheel road bike rollers, and I found that the block helps to make your project bike even more stable.

I did some maintenance and cleaning on two bikes last night- the wife’s mixte and my Raleigh 20. The stand performed great.  It was much easier to make adjustments and some clean up with a more stable base than just the kick stand.

I concur with the VO description that this stand ($19.50) is probably all many of us need to do maintenance. I really like that when I am done, I can just put the stand on a shelf, or use it to hold up one of my kickstand-less bikes.


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Nice. Looks like a double-legged kickstand. Is that basically what it is, except removable?

Comment by dottie

exactly, Dottie. The stand works just like a double kickstand. It is a matter of putting it under the BB shel and over the downtube, nad has worked with all bikes that I have tried. I was using it last night to do some adjustments on my 20. I would like to get a couple more of these VO stands as they are perect for storing some of my bikes that don’t have kickstands (like my Raleigh 20.)

Comment by cratedigger66

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