Chain Cleaning-Raleigh Grand Prix
February 8, 2010, 4:20 pm
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grand prix driveline

Looking at my Grand Prix project from 2008, that I haven’t ridden for a year or so, it appeared that it could use a good once over. In my spare time, I have been using Simichrome on parts of the bike that appear dull or have surface rust. That has worked out.

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the driveline. This bike is close to 40 years old, and I don’t think that its’ chain, or derailleur have been freshened up for quite some time.  I picked up some Simple Green at the store and grabbed a juice bottle from the recycling container.

First, I put the bike on the VO simple work stand on top of some old newsprint. I then got out my Park all in one tool to remove the chain. I have not removed a bike chain in a while, so I am glad that I had a decent tool to help with the job. I made sure that I looked at how the chain was set through both the front and rear derailleur so that the reinstall would go smoothly.

grand prix rear derailleur

I used the chance to get at the sprockets on the rear derailleur with some Simple Green on a rag so remove the dust, dirt and other gunk that had collected over the years.

After I removed the chain, I put in in the juice bottle that had some diluted Simple Green and hot water. I shook the bottle up for good measure and let it sit for an hour or so. The gunk was definitely turning the cleaning solution a dark gray color. I then drained the bottle and put in a fresh hot water and Simple Green Solution and repeated the process.

simple green doing its' thing

After it looked like the bottle cleaning was complete, I made a hook out of a coat hanger and fished the chain out of the solution. I set the wet chain on some newspaper. I then spent 20 minutes or so with a rag and cleaned between the links. It is not perfect, but quite an improvement.

Then I reinstalled the chain on the bike, carefully re threading the chain as it was originally. I then got some Finish Line Dry lube and moved the pedals and applied the lube to the chain. After that, I spin the pedals a bit to work the lube through. I am pretty happy how it turned out. Now I need to find a saddle for the bike.


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