Kool Stop Continental Brake Pads
May 11, 2010, 6:18 pm
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My Raleigh 20 is almost in a perpetual project state. I ride it hard, but there are always things that need to upgraded or replaced. Last week, I finally go frustrated enough about the lack of braking on the bike, to actually do something about it. (I almost went into some bushes, as the brakes were not grabbing the rims.)

After some research (calling Harris Cyclery) I decided to try out the Kool Stop Continental Brake Pads in the Salmon compound. These are supposed to really help decrease stopping distances.

The first step was to take a 10mm socket. put it on a driver and remove the old crusty brake pads.

Next step was to install the new Kool Stops, while aligning them with the rims so that the pads grab only the rim (not the type too). I then pulled the brake levers, everything seemed OK. The package says that a few brake applications may be necessary to set the pad material onto the rims to help the pads grab. After some hard stops on my test track, I would say that the Kool Stops are a worthwhile performance and safety improvement especially for old bikes still running steel wheels. This is a very worthy $20.00 safety and performance upgrade.

I also installed a set of Kool Stops on the Black Express bike, the test ride was night and day! This bike really stops nicely now.


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